Online Psychology - How does it work?

Seeking out help from a psychologist can be daunting. At Net Psychology I aim to ensure that seeking that help is simple.

As the name suggests, Net Psychology delivers psychology services over the internet using a secure and easy to use video conferencing platform. That means you can have your psychology session from a place that suits you (your home, your work, anywhere!). All you need is a computer and a webcam, or a mobile device, together with an internet connection.

Making a booking is easy. Simply click on Book Online, choose the day and time that suits you and complete the information required.

Once you have made your booking you will receive an email with information about your session together with detailed instructions about using the video conferencing platform (don't worry, it's easy!).

When it comes time for your session I will join you on the video conference. Because we can both see and hear each other the session is much like a face to face consultation, just without the hassle of driving, parking and waiting.

During the first session I will learn about you and what has brought you to seek help. We can then work together to set the goals for therapy. It is also an opportunity for you to make sure I am the right psychologist for you.

Each session lasts for 60 minutes. At the end of the session you can let me know if you wish to book further sessions.

It really is that simple! If you want any further information, or you are not sure whether Net Psychology is right for you, simply complete the contact form and I will respond to you.