The Secret Life of a Darwin Psychologist

The Secret Life of a Darwin Psychologist is seven-part video series available to watch on YouTube. The free series was filmed in January 2022 and is now available to watch in its entirety. Clinic Director Jen Riches talks with Ting Yun and Nicola Chadbourne about complex mental health disorders and evidence-based practice. She reflects upon her personal values of being authentic and open-minded. Jen candidly shares her own experience of being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder as a young person nearly 15 years ago. Jen received help back then and has consequently been well for a very long time. All registered health professionals must be be fit to practice, which Jen is. Creative arts, perfectionism and mindfulness are also discussed. 

A special thank you to Ting Yung and Nicola Chadbourne for facilitating and producing the video series. 

To watch the Secret Life of a Darwin Psychologist click here


*Please note that the information on this YouTube account is not nor intended to be therapy or psychological advice nor does it constitute a client-therapist relationship. Please consult with a mental health professional for individual advice. If you are in crisis in Australia call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or 000 in an emergency. If you are in crisis outside of Australia, please consult with your doctor or mental health professional.